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Hostel Facilities

    Spread over huge acres of lush green tranquil landscape, the boys Hostel of SITM is situated at the foothills of a splendid mountainous range providing the right environment for natural learning in harmony with nature, away from the odds of city life. The spacious five storey U shaped pattern of the building encompassing a sprawling area of approximately 15,000 sq.ft., punctuated with serene surroundings with scenic beauty, has been designed to accentuate the ethics and character of an excellent center for learning.

    We have vowed to provide our students at “SITM“ a home away from home” environment that guarantees a homely atmosphere for their well-being and happy stay throughout their academic career, here within the campus. The hostel comprises of 225 nos. of rooms including kitchen, dining hall, warden's quarter etc. Which are located on the ground floor. The two-bedded room on each floor can accommodate around 400 students assuring them comfortable stay and at the same time taking care of all their daily necessities and basic requirements.

    Special care is taken to maintain the health and hygiene of our students during their stay at SITM hostel. The hostel has a well-furnished dining hall that can accommodate almost 160 students eating at a time. It is spacious, well-lighted dining hall that can accomodate almost 160 students eating Proper diet and nourishment of our students is of our foremost concern, therefore a balance diet having right proportions of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins is provided for their growth and development. For maintenance of health and hygiene a modernized set of bathrooms. The well equipped hostel recreation room wit basic faciolities like a plasma T.V. with D.T.H. connection service in common room, indoor games facilities like table-tennis, chess, carom-boards etc. is another means of providing the students an opportunity to relax and calm the nerves after their hectic schedule in the college. The students can also take good advantage of the enormous space within the hostel boundary by engaging themselves in outdoor sports like cricket, volleyball, badminton etc. and create a friendly atmosphere of harmony and co-operation amongst the inmates of the hostel. For a smooth functioning of the hostel, a set of important rules and regulations are formulated which are to be strictly followed by boarders to maintain the discipline and integrity of the hostel. A 24×7 vigilance team keeps an eye on the activities of the inmates to prevent any incidence of ragging. Every possible effort has been made by SITM management to provide all the inmates a peaceful and calm environment, a substitute for their homes, which they have left far behind to pursue their dream of becoming a successful engineer of our country. Hence, it is an ideal, conducive, educational retreat where one can fully focus on studies and research and attain their academic goals.