Mechanical Engineering

The strength of the department lies in its highly experienced and celebrated team of professors drawn from premier technological institutions of the country. The laboratories include materials testing and Applied Mechanics, with IZOD Universal Tester, Pendulum Impact Tester, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engg., Metallography, Hydraulic machines with various types of pumps, turbines, CAD/CAM/CAE labs. Already established with Smithy, Carpentry, Welding, foundry & forgings and Machine Tools. We will be adding shortly NC/CNC machines, milling, centreless Grinding, shaping , planing and various machining centres, CAD/CAM labs with 20 HCL dual core systems Mechotronics, Robotics Simulators, Pneumatic & Servo Systems. Envisaging to undertake project and consultancy works with precision machine tool manufacturers, Plastic mould & Press tool designers, Automobile Components producers and various other engineering industries. The department is also planning to run Tech Trades training programmes similar to Industrial Training Institutes in Fitting, Motor Mechanics, Plumbing, Electrical systems wiring and installation, Welding, Mill Wright, etc. for the gainful employment of local youth in industries.

Year of Establishment: July 2010

Year of Functioning: July 2011

Academic Programme: 4 years B.E. programme


Overview of Departmental Infrastructure:

  • Class Rooms/ Tutorial Rooms
  • HOD Room & Departmental Office
  • Faculty Rooms
  • Departmental Library
  • Amenities Area

Departmental Laboratories:

  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
  • Strength Of Materials Laboratory
  • Theory Of Mechanics Laboratory
  • Engineering Mechanics Laboratory
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