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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Electrical and Electronic Engineering deals with many of the real problems facing our world today such as electric power transmission and electrical machines. This field pervades every aspect of handling information, from sensing and acquisition, through communications, networking, switching, processing, and storage.
    Students in the course will study the various sub-fields of the discipline including electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems and Signal Processing. Course coverage can be broadly classified as Power systems, Electronics, Programming, Circuits and Systems, Measurement and Instrumentation and Machines & Drives.
    The department has excellent link with leading industries and has a well-connected alumni network. Infrastructure facilities include well equipped laboratories, including, Power Electronics & Drives Lab, Electrical Machinery Lab, Circuits and Measurements Lab, Microprocessors and Embedded Systems Lab and Digital Electronics lab.

    Having a further look at the career prospects, there is a huge demand for competent engineers in electronic industry to cope the demand in technology. One can find job across many industries, known for your creative thinking, problem-solving and ability to excel in team-based environments. Electrical engineers, design products such as smart phones, power electronics  and other industries like steel ,microelectronics, virtual reality systems or video games, or robotic medical devices to assist in surgery and rehabilitation etc.

    An electrical & electronics engineer can work with the industries deals in product development, control system, system management, product design, sales, consumer’s electronics, transportation, wireless communication, manufacturing, chemical, automotive, defense and space research organizations.