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Seminar on Solid and Liquid Resource Management

We all talk about clean and green india but how many of us is actually working towards it? This is a question which arises in the mind of every Indian who seeks a clean and healthy environment for the future.

A seminar on ‘Solid and Liquid Resource Management’ held from 2nd -7th November in SITM campus clearly shows that nor everyone is sitting idle when it comes to clean India. Some people are really working hard towards achieving this. The project director of Indian Green Service (IGS), Mr. C. Srinivasan presided over the seminar. IGS view waste as a resource and considers Garbage as a Gold. Mr. Srinivasan is credited for initiating a change in selected parts of various local bodies including the Vellore corporation, Mysore corporation, Bangalore corporation with his project work on solid and liquid resource management. His project aims at keeping the environment clean and healthy along with providing jobs for the local people. He showed how to eliminate dumping of waste, save farmlands. He also showed how to reduce mosquitoes, stray dogs, health issues. Mr. Srinivisan showed how to segregate the biodegradable and non biodegradable waste products by preparing a chart to distinguish between them. Some of local people were employed to collect these waste materials from the resident areas, hotels, markets etc within a prespecified interval of time. This helps not to waste the waste products, but to reuse it for various other applications. After the collections are made the bio degradable products undergoes different processes by using the nature’s technology i.e. by using animals and insects waste and then converting their product into black gold which can be sold to farmers and botanist. The non biodegradable objects like plastic, bottle, paper, tin etc can be sold in the recycling market, thus earning money for the people working for the project.

With this project he has not only initiated a clean and healthy environment but has also provided an earning source for the people living in that area. Even the animals are benefitting from it. This eye opening seminar shows that not everything is impossible. The dream of a clean and healthy India now seems to be achievable. Mr. Srinivisan gives India a hope to realize it.