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Seminar On Concrete Technology

Various Types of Cement and its Manufacture

Lecture delivered by Mr. Apurba Kumar Sarma on 15th October 2014, at Scholars Institute of Technology and Management Guwahati.

A talk on “Various types of Cement and its manufacture” was given by Mr. Apurba Kumar Sarma on 15th October 2014.

A brief introduction about Mr. Apurba Kumar Sarma. He is a graduate in Civil Engineering from Assam Engineering college, Guwahati and an MBA from National Institute of Management, Bangalore. He has 14 yeras of experience in the field of Construction Quality, Control, Concrete and NDT. He was involved in product and business development in various cement industries like Star Cement, Topless Cement and currently with Max Cement as an Assistant General Manager-Technical.

The lecture was attended by the 5th semester students of Civil engineering Department and the faculties of the department. An introduction to cement and its composition was given. The functions of the ingredients of cement and the various types of cement  was briefly explained. The importance of ordinary Portland cement and Pozzolona Portland cement was highlighted. As he is involved in the production of Max cement, he has presented the process of manufacture of cement right from the stage of collection of raw materials to the final stage of production of cement. Mr. Sarma mentioned that the main raw material, limestone is available in abundant in Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya and all of good quality. Thus, this cement plant is based over there for ease of transportation of raw materials. The students were very interested when Mr. Apurba Kumar Sarma showed the different section of his cement plant and their respective functions in the manufacturing of cement.

Finally, questions were being asked by the students relating their doubts and enquiries. The students had a very good experience attending the lecture as they got an idea about the working and function of cement plant.