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Jaaki - A Wall MagazineA wall magazine is a way to bring out the literary talents and artistic creativity of member being associated with an institute. SITM launches its wall magazine “Jaaki” on 5th September 2013. Jhaki fulfills everyone’s desire to have a wall magazine in the institute. The literary meaning of the word Jhaki is jumping of a fish from water and it also describe a traditional device used in sugarcane industries

For this purpose one editorial committee was formed. To get the best out of odds, we start our journey of concept and idea collection. By organizing various competition such as on the spot paining competition, script writing (Assamese), script writing (English), on the 4th foundation day(8th august, 2013). A large number of students participated with lots of enthusiasm.  All the members of editorial committee and the selected students worked hard and gave their best effort in making the wall magazine.

On the precious moments of teachers day jaaki was inaugurated by Dr. P. C. Bhattacharya, honorable Director of SITM in the presence of Dr. Th. Shanta Kumar, honorable Principal of SITM. On the teachers’ day celebration proagramme awards of various competitions were presented to the winners.