Very well known as the EVERGREEN branch, Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest disciplines. This programme lays emphasis on the design of machines and devices which involves both analysis and synthesis. It is an engineering programme which provides sound base for various technological areas involving applications of all streams of engineering like Civil engineering, Electronics engineering and Computer engineering. The scopes for Mechanical engineers are many which varies from designing, manufacturing, fabrication to research and development. Mechanical engineers can find a strong footage in service industries like Railway, Aerospace, Automobile, Power plants etc. The infrastructure of this department will be such that the students become compatible for the industries where emphasis will be more on innovativeness and practical implementations.


Also known as the spine of all engineering disciplines, is one of the core engineering branches which has variety of applications and scope. Life without electricity is unimaginable and so is it without electrical engineers, so the demand for electrical engineers is never going to recede. This engineering programme equips the students with the knowledge of generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power. Being one of the core branches, it provides information for other disciplines like electronics which is one of its subsidiary branches. Electrical engineers get well placed in Electricity board, Power corporation, Hydroelectricity sector, Design industry, Production plants etc. Electrical engineers have a real good scope in the field of research and development. The department aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities to its students to increase their competency and bring them at par with their peers in the same field.


In today's age of cutting edge technology, Electronics is the key mantra. It is one of the largest and fastest growing field of engineering which is constantly changing and widening. Electronics engineers have changed the very pace of our life. They have made this world a smaller place to live in by bringing revolutionary changes in the field of communication. Opportunities in this ever growing branch of engineering is innumerable. Electronics engineers work towards the designing, fabrication, production, testing of various equipments and components for number of industries like Telecommunication, Computer, Oil, Energy, Chemical, Steel etc. Electronics engineers are in high demand in the field of academia and research and development. The department driven by this growth and development of electronics aims to produce students who become key players in this highly advanced branch of engineering by giving them proper guidance and providing them with all the facilities as per industry standards.


It is in the forefront of the expanding technology. With the non-stop advancement in the field of Computer and network technology the demand for qualified and trained professionals in this field is very high. This programme gives the students a firm footing in this technology such as languages, processors, database management, simulation, modeling etc. which are the heart of any computer system. Computer professionals play a vital role in the field of Robotics, Bioinformatics, Digital Forensic etc. which in turn have widened the scope of Computer engineers. The career options for Computer Science Engineers varies from Communication industry, Web development, Information technology, Computing management, information security and database management. The department will arm the students with proper educational background so that they can make a mark in this ever challenging field of engineering.


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