Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering, also known as the "Mother of Engineering", is the oldest branch of engineering. There is no infrastructure in the world without this greatest engineering. This department at SITM has highly qualified faculty who are Doctorates/ Post Graduates from IIT/top notch Institutes, with extensive teaching, practical and consultancy experience. We have already established strength of materials, Engineering mechanics, Hydraulic Machinery and systems labs. Will be enlarging the scope in stress/fatigue/creep analysis with digitized and CAD/CAE Systems Envisaging to undertake consultancy preparation and monitoring of Projects in the fields of Public Health, Sanitary and Water Supply, Urban/Rural developments, Transportation engineering., High raise designing structures, Hydroelectric Construction activities, Irrigation engineering, Geodesy, Hydrography, In-land Water Transport System etc., due to the abundant natural resources and availability to harness these projects in North East region of our country.

Civil Engineering is well known as mother of all engineering branch and one of the oldest branch. This branch is to impart up to date technical education to the students. This programme lays emphasis to train the student with state of the art knowledge for global market.

The scope for Civil Engineering is open to all sectors in the Industry. The future roadmap is to trace on research and development activity, consultancies, introduction of vocational courses, OJT, and introducing specialized teaching and research activities on coastal Engineering, Remote sensing and GIS.


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